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Book Journal Necessities

I have tried the online PDF files you can download and journaling on my tablet..... But nothing compares to pen and paper in my opinion. Here are some of the items I use when Journaling.


These pens work great and the colors are complementary. If you want to use them for annotating your books, they have very minimal bleeding. I like being able to write and highlight using the same colors. I also use the small tip part to color in the stars for rating my books.


Speaking of star stickers...... These make it so easy to rate your books. I even use a different color for star rating.


These markers are great for fine details and doodling. They do not bleed or smear! Love these things.


I always read a lot quicker on my Kindle than I do paper copy which helps me get to my Journal faster. I love my Paperwhite because when we are chilling on the couch watching the same movie for the 8th time i can easily read my kindle and turn the page with a simple tap of my thumb. I am sensitive to screens and get headaches easily. The Kindle Paperwhite does not give me headaches because I can adjust the screen brightness and font size easily. Be sure to add a case and pop-socket to provide optimum comfort when reading.

You can get all kinds of stickers from Etsy from small businesses.


The pages are nice and thick and the graph lines are not too harsh. I love Spiral notebooks because they are easy to write on front to back. Erin Condren books have plenty of pages for the readers than are flying through books and like to journal.

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